Our Company has been established as an agency firm since 1997 by serving as a professional expertise in the Second Hand Market, that provides excellent quality service in buying, selling & renting of golf club membership, social & recreation and marina club as well as school debenture in Hong Kong, Macau & China regions.

In order to deliver highest level of satisfaction to customers, we devote to give sophisticated advice, professional, quality and one stop service to every customer from the time of receiving an enquiry through to the completion of a membership transaction. In addition, we have strong customer base with various types of memberships to suit the needs of customers. We are delighted to serve you at anytime, just simply give us a call or send an e-mail to us.

Our Mission


With adequate time tutoring, our experienced tutors will endeavor their best efforts to enhance the child for their assessment skills both in English and Mandarin. We have strong confidence and have many passed records that the children can be admitted to their designated international schools, even without buying the school debentures.

Our Mission


We strive to provide the most updated and effective secondary market information or suggestions to our customers for decision making on memberships or school debenture transfer. Besides, we could provide comprehensive range of value-added services with valuable comments and market valuation to customers from time to time. We aim at becoming an outstanding broker through continuously improving the quality of services we offer.

International School Tutoring

Our Team


Raymond Kwok


Raymond Kwok is the Founder of the Company, with over 20 years experience in HK Recreation Club memberships buying / selling. For the last 10 years, our company is aiming at Hong Kong International School Debentures
acquisition and is now a leading company in the brokers field, with thorough experience, good understanding and information on each HK International School, for the school bonds issuance and availability of transfer in the secondary market, as well as the market demands and pricing development forecast.

Amy Zhang


Amy is holding a Master Degree, who is bilingual in Mandarin and English with more than 6 years Mandarin teaching for kindergarteners. Amy has been Head of Mandarin Class for a renowned kindergarten, personalized in creating, evaluating school-based curriculum for Mandarin textbooks from aged 1 to 6.



Nicholas graduated in Canada and is English native speaking with fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese as well. Nick has more than 10 years teaching experience specializing in English subject for both kindergarteners and secondary school students. He has numerous proven records for kids to get into famous International Schools without buying school debenture.